September 9, 2019

Past Scholarship Winner: Haider Ali Shaim

Haider was working on his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Old Dominion University when he received the 2014 Jane & Frank Warchol Scholarship from the SVC Foundation. His research topic was “Laser-spark multicharged ion source for ion implantation and deposition”. He was able to travel to the 2014 SVC TechCon in Chicago and still communicates with a few people he met during the networking events arranged at that conference. This was his first award as a PhD student and “gave me the courage to move forward,” says Haider.

After graduation, Haider worked at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory before moving to ASML to work with EUV sources for photolithography. He is currently a Sr. Design Engineer at ASML in Wilton, Connecticut. They use vacuum coating technology as his group works to make recipes to get high mechanical strength, low hydrogen-induced outgassing and environmental friendly coatings.

We are thrilled to see Haider’s career is a great success and hope to meet him again in the future!

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