The SVC Foundation is dedicated to developing future leaders in vacuum coating technology. We support the education and scientific activities of both students and those working in this field. There are three different opportunities available: College Scholarships, Industry Scholarships, and Student Travel Sponsorship.

The SVC Foundation Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students studying a field related to vacuum coating technology. We anticipate that three or more scholarship awards will be made annually, generally in amounts up to $5,000. However, the SVC Foundation and its Scholarship Committee may vary the number, amounts and types of awards based on factors such as available funds as well as the number and quality of applications.

Eligibility: Anyone attending an accredited technical, vocational, two-year, undergraduate or graduate school may apply. Students must be enrolled full-time during the semesters of award. Scholarships provide financial assistance to be used toward:

  1. Tuition, books and fees
  2. Travel to appropriate conferences

Preference will be given students whose major is engineering, physics, materials science and other fields related to vacuum coating.

This new scholarship opportunity is intended for individuals working in a vacuum coating related industry.  We never stop learning, and there are opportunities to expand our knowledge even after graduation.  We anticipate multiple scholarship awards will be made annually, generally $2,500.  However, the SVC Foundation and its Scholarship Committee may vary the number, amounts, and types of awards based on factors such as available funds as well as the number and quality of applications.

ELIGIBILITY: This scholarship is not intended for current students but for those already working in the vacuum coating industry.  The Industry scholarship provides support for further educational opportunities by funding:

  1. Classes, books, and fees
  2. Travel to appropriate conferences

The SVC Foundation helps support the SVC each year with student travel support to the annual TechCon. The SVC Student Sponsorship Program helps link students and the more than 1,500 professionals who attend the Annual SVC Technical Conference. The Student Sponsorship Program provides full travel support and conference registration fees to selected students who are required to make a technical presentation at an SVC TechCon and prepare a manuscript for the Technical Conference Proceedings. Visit the link to the SVC Student Sponsorship Program for details.

Applications for the Student Travel Sponsorship are handled by the SVC. Click here for more details.

The SVC Foundation is partnering with AIMCAL to promote their new Women in Industry Scholarship for Excellence (WISE).  This scholarship directly pays down student debt for women already working in the roll-to-roll converting sector.

SVC Foundation FAQs

College Scholarships…designed for full-time student during the semesters of award in a field of study involving vacuum coating technology

Industry Scholarships…operators and other individuals already working in the field of vacuum coating technology that could benefit from further educational opportunities.

Student Travel Sponsorships…for students submitting abstracts for the SVC TechCon to help with travel costs.

Women in Industry Scholarship for Excellence…for women working  in the roll-to-roll converting sector, and are continuing to make important contributions in the industry.

Fill out the matching application and submit before the associated deadline.  Some applications may be handled by other websites. If you have questions on which application is appropriate, feel free to contact us.

For SVC Foundation scholarships, we appoints a scholarship selection committee, which performs a blind-review of all application materials before making its recommendation to the SVCF Board. Selection factors include:

  • Relevance of applicant’s field of study to vacuum coating technology
  • The applicant’s academic achievement, including grades, courses selected, interdisciplinary skills and interests
  • The applicant’s personal qualities including motivation, social values, maturity, and goals
  • Financial need

Yes, you are welcome to apply for multiple scholarships when eligible and even to reapply for a scholarship more than once. In addition, any number of students from a single institution may apply. However, the SVC Foundation reserves the right to base selections, in part, on achieving diversity among scholarship recipients.

Apply for Scholarships

College Scholarship

Application Deadline:  October 15, 2023

industry Scholarship

Application Deadline:  January 15, 2024

Student Travel Sponsorship

Application Deadline:  October 6, 2023

WISE Scholarship

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