May 3, 2024

2024 SVC Foundation Travel Sponsorship Award: Takeru Omiya

Since 2013, the SVC Foundation has joined the SVC to help support students that are traveling to the TechCon to present their research.  If you include this year’s students, the SVC Foundation has supported 60 students from over a dozen countries.  We are proud to introduce the 2024 recipients of the SVC Foundation Travel Sponsorship and hope you will attend their presentations in Chicago.

Takeru is a double-winner for 2024.  He won both an Academic Scholarship from the SVC Foundation and an SVC Foundation Travel Sponsorship to attend the Chicago TechCon.  This is a great achievement, as there are separate reviewers for each award type, and he impressed everyone!  His presentation in Chicago is titled “Unlocking the Potential: Synergistic Tribological Performance of Gadolinium Doped DLC Coatings with Phosphorus Containing Ionic Liquids.”  He will be presenting in the Protective, Tribological, and Decorative Coatings session.

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