January 27, 2020

Booth Auction to Support the Bernard Henry Scholarship!

The SVC Foundation would like to announce the auction of this year’s “first pick” for booth location at the 2020 TechCon in Chicago.

This year that honor was awarded to Wolfgang Decker (HS Group) who has generously donated his pick, booth 1005, to the Foundation. This is a fantastic location near the entrance and is a great opportunity for any late registrants looking to improve their position.

Wolfgang has asked that all proceeds of the auction go directly to the Bernard Henry Scholarship Fund. The link to the auction is listed below. The auction opens Monday morning January 27, and runs through Wednesday, February 12th, unless the “buy it now” price of $2,500 is reached sooner.

Please consider this opportunity to both improve your booth location and support the mission of the Foundation.

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