April 4, 2022

2022 SVC Foundation Scholarship awarded to Natalie Page at Rowan University

Natalie says “I am working on my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Rowan University. My research is primarily focused on using co-sputtered quaternary precious metal alloy thin films to investigate relationships between catalytic reaction mechanisms and material properties. Combinatorial sputter deposition is an efficient tool for synthesizing a large range of quaternary alloys with varied compositions and tunable film morphologies. The large parameter space generated by combinatorial sputtering is important for identifying trends between catalytic activity and material properties.  Thank you for your generosity and support.”

She continues “I am very grateful to have been awarded an SVC Foundation Scholarship. The SVC Foundation has continuously supported the growth and education of the vacuum coating community. It is an honor to be a part of this community and supported by the SVC Foundation because I want to have a career in vacuum coating technology and make meaningful scientific contributions to this important field.”

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