March 16, 2021

2021 SVC Foundation Scholarship to Corbin Feit

Corbin Feit, a student at the University of Central Florida in Materials Science and Engineering, is the recipient of a 2021 SVC Foundation Scholarship.

Corbin writes “Thank you so much for this generous award.  It is very encouraging to know that you support my research and believe that I have a bright future in vacuum coating technologies.  I am eager to find what this career path has in store for me.  I will carry the SVC Foundation’s mission throughout my career and pay forward the generosity that has been bestowed upon me to inspire the next generation of vacuum coating professionals.”

“My dissertation involves developing sensors for rapid biomarker testing.  One of the principal processes for developing my sensor is atomic layer deposition (ALD).  Part of my training includes selective-area ALD. Specifically, to selectively coat nanostructures with precise, conformal coatings and design ultrasensitive plasmonic biosensors. This work is particularly interesting to me because I have had experiences with biomaterials and because of the enormous influence that these devices will have in the rapid biological testing industry. The synergy of atomic layer deposition and biomaterials (sensors, neuro-electrodes, antibacterial/ hemocompatible coatings on implants, etc.) is still a recent technology. I aspire to understand these traditionally unrelated fields and apply myself to add a valuable contribution to Materials Science and Engineering by exploiting the leading-edge capabilities of ALD.”

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