August 12, 2019

Past Scholarship Winner: Martynas Audronis

When Martynas received his scholarship, he was pursuing a PhD at the University of Sheffield (UK) in the Department of Engineering Materials “under the supervision of two excellent academics – Professor Allan Matthews and Dr. Adrian Leyland. I am grateful to them for what they taught me. My early research primarily concerned the development of a magnetron sputtering process to deposit boron and metal-boride films by sputtering loosely packed powder targets, as well as characterization of the deposited film structure and properties,” says Martynas. “My early original work was done together with and using the vacuum coating facilities in the Surface Engineering lab at Salford University in the UK, led by Professor Peter J. Kelly, who was extremely helpful,” says “Martynas.

All of his work after graduation have been in the vacuum coating industry. he has worked as a researcher, process engineer, technical support engineer, and R&D engineer. In 2013, he founded Nova Fabrica Ltd. ( Their vision is to become the world leading monitoring and control subsystem innovator supplying to industry sectors practicing vacuum, plasma, and surface processing.

Martynas has had plenty of opportunities to attend the SVC Techcon, now as an exhibitor with his company Nova Fabrica each year. In fact, he plans to give a presentation at the 2020 TechCon in Chicago and we are excited to see what he is currently working on.

Martynas says “The SVC Foundation Scholarship made an irreversible, positive and lasting impact on my career choices, as I developed and perfected my skills in the art of vacuum processing and related instrumentation. I could not thank the SVC Foundation enough.”

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