September 21, 2019

Past Scholarship Winner: Corson Cramer

Corson received a Helen and Rolf Illsley Scholarship in 2014 while working on his MS in Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University. At that time, he was studying ion beam sputtering of thermoelectric thin film multilayers. He would go on to receive a PhD in ceramic powder processing, also from Colorado State.

Corson says “the scholarship really helped me continue my research and grow my confidence.” He was even able to attend an SVC Techcon in Santa Clara, California and highlights his time “meeting a lot of students, giving a short talk, and networking with colleagues.”

Corson is currently a Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Labs working with ceramic additive manufacturing. He still has occasion to use Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Chemical Vapor Infiltration (CVI).

We wish Corson the best with his future, wherever that may lead.

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