March 25, 2020

Letter from the President: TechCon Cancelled

Dear Colleagues,

As I’m sure you are all aware of by now, SVC has officially cancelled this years’ TechCon.  For the Foundation, this presents a profound challenge as our TechCon events represent our single largest fundraising source.  Moreover, in addition to the loss of income, we will still incur some of the event expenses

For your information, our policy with respect to scholarship awards is as follows:

Academic Scholarships:  All academic awards for 2020 have been made and funds already dispersed.

Student Travel Scholarships and Industry Scholarships:  Consistent with the SVC, students and industry recipients will be offered the opportunity to defer until 2021 in Nashville.  Those unable to defer will still have out-of-pocket expenses covered.

With regards to our event sponsors and participants our policy will be as follows:

Fees for Casino Night entry and 5k individual registration that were collected directly by the SVC as part of TechCon registration will be refunded by the SVC along with the other collected conference fees.

Any individual event items purchased via the Foundation website (additional Casino Night tickets or 5k registrations) will be refunded directly by the Foundation by default.

Any company sponsorships collected either via the Foundation website, or via invoice from the SVC will be refunded upon request.  While we recognize that some companies will not be able to do so, we would like to ask in light of our circumstances that you consider viewing your sponsorship as a donation to the Foundation.  Any requests for refunds (either full or partial) should be sent to Jacque by April 30th.

I want to thank everyone that supports the Foundation through our events.  We hope to be back next year with a full slate of events and look forward to your continued support.


Bill Meredith

SVC Foundation Board Chair

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