April 23, 2024

2024 SVC Foundation Scholarship Awarded to Shubham Mondal

Shubham is a Ph.D. student in the ECE department at the University of Michigan, specializing in the epitaxial growth of III-Nitride thin films by Plasma Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PAMBE) for various electronic and optoelectronic device applications. He has 5+ years of experience working with vacuum coating technologies (which include PAMBE, PECVD, ALD, and RF sputtering) with more than 25 journal publications, 5 of which he first authored.

A few of his significant achievements include: 1) the first demonstration of epitaxial growth and controllable doping in an N-polar wide-bandgap semiconductor, AlGaN (Aluminum Gallium Nitride), directly on the Silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate and 2) Demonstrating the practical utility of (Sc,Y) alloyed III-Nitrides, elucidating the crucial function of polarization switching in FeFETs for integrated memory-logic functionalities, along with exhibiting the versatility of ferroelectric III-Nitrides through self-powered, reconfigurable deep ultraviolet photodetectors.

Shubham says, “In my forthcoming Ph.D. research, I aim to address the long-standing challenge of p-doping in the epitaxy of N-polar wide bandgap III-Nitrides and make significant advances in the development AlGaN channel N-polar HEMTs on the SiC platform. Moving forward with my extensive experience in high-vacuum, thin film deposition technologies and semiconductor processing, I wish to drive meaningful advancements in emerging technologies, leading impactful projects to create solutions for the most pressing problems of the semiconductor industry.”

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