April 29, 2024

2024 Soleras Industry Scholarship Awarded to Liam Sohngen

Liam has been at LLNL since August 2022, where he is responsible for the National Ignition Facilities Target Fabrication’s coatings, all of which are conducted using vacuum processes.  Liam says, “In this role, I provide coating solutions for a wide variety of needs; including those that involve new substrate materials, geometries, properties, and layer materials.  This often involves developing a new process or at the very least reconfiguring an old one to meet new specifications.”  Liam will be traveling to the 2024 TechCon to learn more about vacuum deposition processes in the hopes that he can “develop my skills and experience to the point where I can make a contribution to some of the cutting-edge materials science being conducted at LLNL.”

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