April 2, 2024

2024 Clark & Karen Bright Endowed Scholarship Honoring Angus Macleod Awarded to Mustafa Goksu Ozlu

Mustafa is pursuing a PhD with research focusing on nanophotonics, plasmonics, nonlinear optics, and advanced optical materials. Much of his work includes studying transparent conducting oxides (TCOs) and transition metal nitrides (TMNs).

His Master’s degree at Purdue University was funded by the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. During his Master’s, he extensively explored epsilon near zero (ENZ) applications and transparent conducting oxides as a host material.

He says, “My current research primarily revolves around TCOs, exploring their strong and fast optical nonlinearities. I am studying new physics enabled by time-varying optical media, focusing on applications involving time reflection, static-to-dynamic radiation conversion, and temporal plasmonic metamaterials. One of my key projects is centered on photonic time crystals, where the optical permittivity of the material undergoes periodic changes, resulting in unique light-matter interactions. Analyzing the photonic band structures in materials with dispersion, especially TCOs, is critical to understanding these interactions. This research has uncovered potential practical applications of photonic time crystals using TCOs.”

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