March 24, 2021

2021 Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship to Gregory Taylor

Gregory Taylor, a student at Rowan University, is recipient of the 2021 Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship. Gregory writes “I would like to thank the SVC Foundation and AIMCAL for taking an interest in me and my research, as well as seeing promise in my future to apply my knowledge to contribute to and advance the vacuum coating industry.”

“This scholarship is more valuable than just the financial support it provides, it is a testament to the strength of community and having people within that community empowering and motivating each other.  I believe we often look at a person’s success as an individual pursuit, this is only half true, success if often predicated upon having a strong community.  Here I can write confidently that I have a strong network of individuals, organizations, and companies guiding me towards success, and I hope to contribute and further strengthen this community in the future.”

“Currently my research is critically dependent on vacuum coating technology.  Specifically, I use pulsed DC reactive magnetron sputtering to synthesize thin films of platinum group metal oxides for applications ranging from implantable electrode coatings to renewable energy generation and storage.  The high volume of tunable parameters that vacuum coating technology allots has allowed me to rapidly create numerous compounds with highly variable microstructure, electrochemical performance, and mechanical properties.  This grants the coatings I am developing the flexibility for use in different applications by allowing the identification of key parameters that will enhance or suppress the various properties needed for specific applications.”

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