August 26, 2020

2020 John B. Fenn, Sr. Endowed Scholarship

The 2020 John B. Fenn, Sr. Endowed Scholarship has been awarded to Tahereh Avval.

Tahereh is a Ph.D. student from Iran studying Chemistry at Brigham Young University. Her research is centered around creating and characterizing innovative thin films for industry, employing techniques such as CVD, ALD, and Sputtering.  She is specifically interested in studying changes to glass surface composition caused by various treatments.

Tahereh writes, “I am truly grateful for the assistance I am receiving because of your thoughtful gift.  Not only does this award show appreciation for my work and achievements, but with this endowment, my financial burdens have been lightened and I will be able to devote more time to my research.  It is important for me to keep focused in my work, and my goal is to use the extra research experience afforded by your gift to make a positive difference in people’s lives just as you have made in mine.”

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